Monday, February 22, 2010

Actual finished object

I actually finished something! A pair of socks. These are using my Plain Old Stockinette Sock Pattern and Trekking 147. These took way too long to do due to lack of knitting time, but I finally finished them. They are nice and comfy and I love the color! I also have another pair of socks that has been finished for quite a while except that I have a little more embroidery to do. Just a little and that has been taking months just because it's so boring! Hopefully, I'll finish that soon because the socks are really, really cool!

I've already begun the next pair, more Trekking, this time in blues with a little bit of purple. The colors are actually a fair representation on my screen.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Cabin Fever Craftiness

Well, I've now gotten out of the house, but we were trapped inside for a few days. As I didn't want to put the kids in front of the TV for the whole time (we were lucky to keep our electricity!), we did some crafty projects. The ideas came from the book Felt Sweets. I ended up making a cupcake and a piece of chocolate. These items are made from craft felt and stuffing; the book includes patterns that you can either copy or trace and they're pretty easy to make up.

I will have knitting to show very soon. Alas, the purse isn't nearly finished because after shoveling so much snow last week, fatigue seriously set in and I didn't want to risk messing up because of severe lack of concentration. But, I did work on a pair of simple stockinette socks and I'm now to the toe, so I should be finished soon.

So meanwhile, take a look at some of the visitors to the seed we've put out. Cute little bluebirds. We've also had plenty of sparrows and finches, but also a couple of mourning doves (beautiful birds) and some cute little juncos.

And lastly, beware the icicles of death!

Always look up during winter. We've had some seriously big icicles this year.

As always, click on the pictures for bigger ones.

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Saturday, February 06, 2010

19 Inches and Counting

I know you can't see the numbers on that white stick in nearly the middle of the picture (leaning against the deck banister). But it has numbers on it and there are about 19 inches on our back patio right now. You can see the chair. Now the 4 inches we had the other day had melted off the back porch, but was still mostly all over the ground still, so there's quite a bit of snow out there. There are huge piles on the sides of our driveway and we still have to shovel the drive even more. This is Virginia, for goodness sake!

Oh, have I mentioned, it's supposed to keep snowing until this evening sometime?! Oh, well, I have plenty of knitting to do, lots of hot chocolate and tea and lots of popcorn.

Stay warm!


Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Tale of Two Titles

I couldn't decide on "OMG, Actual Knitting Content" or "Enough is Enough Already!" So, rest assured, there is an actual photograph of knitting in this post. First, however, a pretty winter tree picture and the "Enough" title. We got another four inches or so of snow last night. This is in addition to the couple of inches we had the other day. And we're expecting another foot or so this weekend! That's too much snow for Virginia! I am officially sick of snow. Darn groundhog!

So, now for the actual knitting content. I told you I actually had some. This is the back part of the purse. (Click on either picture to "embiggen.")

Yes, the colors look a little washed out, but it's grey here. I promise to try and get a better picture when the purse is finally finished, but you can see it for now. I'm working on the intarsia now and it's not my favorite, that's for sure. Anyway, I hope to have it finished soon.

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