Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So Close!

I was getting exasperated at how slowly FF&L was growing and I was planning to start a series of pictures (thanks to a conversation with Chris) of a "ghost shawl". I was going to drape it over objects and demonstrate how very slowly it was growing. Then all of a sudden it started growing at an alarming rate.

I have just four rows left before beginning the edging. Just four more rows. I'll get some really good pictures when it's all done and blocked out which shouldn't be long now. Unless, of course, our Xbox gets returned to us soon. Oh, I may have forgotten to mention that the reason so much knitting has been done is because I've been bored out of my mind because the stupid cd drive on the stupid Xbox decided to break and it had to go in for repairs I've been taking a break from the Xbox. It is truly amazing to realize how many hours I've wasted enjoyed in the land of Oblivion and Halo 3.


Wednesday, February 06, 2008

WIP Wednesday

Yes, I've been out of blogland for a while. It's not that I haven't been knitting; it's that the knitting doesn't look much different.

As much as I keep knitting on Frost Flowers and Leaves, it just doesn't seem to grow. Okay, it actually does grow, just very slowly. Anyway, that's what I've mostly been working on. Doesn't really make for great blogging when it just looks the same week after week though.

I've also been spinning a bit, but it's also going pretty slowly. As it's going to be a two-ply laceweight, that's not a big surprise. And because it's black (along with reds and purples) I can only really work on it when it's sort of sunny outside so I can see what I'm doing. That's not going to be today since it's cloudy with a possibility of bad weather.

I'll try to hang out in blogland a little more and catch up on some blog reading!