Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Lovely Spun Corriedale

This is some lovely fibery goodness that I've finally spun up. Apparently, I purchased this lovely Corriedale way back in 2007 at the Maryland Sheep and Wool. It's beautiful with black, reds and purples. It's probably been on the wheel for a couple of years. Anyway, I finally decided to finish spinning it up and plied it. I ended up with two decent sized skeins, one of the skeins is more of a laceweight and one more of a light fingering.

(Click for larger picture)

It's not as shiny as in the picture. It's hard getting a decent picture with reds and purples on a sunny day, even harder when it's been raining for days! It really is a rich mix of cool reds and warmer purples with a bit of black.

Things I learned from this project, if you let a spinning project languish for this long, chances are that your spinning won't match the spinning you did a while ago. I also learned that it is possible to go back and add more twist to the ply before you finish the yarn. I did this with the laceweight skein. I had finished spinning it a while ago and it looked sort of weedy in places, but after spinning it again (by putting the skein on a swift and spinning it on to the wheel), it added enough twist to look better. Still looks a bit weedy though.

I do like the look of the fingering weight better in the skein. Not sure what I'll do with it yet, but the two skeins likely will not be used in the same project. Maybe as a weft on a weaving project, but more likely a knitted hat and matching scarf if there's enough.

I have some more interesting stuff in the works. So more later.

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