Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Too Ambitious

I've been working on the loom all week to finish a scarf that's been on there for quite a while. I've realized I'm not going to be happy with it. I should have waited a while.

I'm not saying one shouldn't be ambitious. I've been pretty ambitious in my knitting, but only after laying the proper foundations. I didn't exactly start out with complicated colorwork or lace. And when I did begin laceknitting, I didn't go straight for Frost Flowers and Leaves or Magickal Earth(even though Gathering of Lace was the first lace book I bought). I patiently knit other shawls that appealed to me. And when I was confident enough, I tackled both Frost Flowers and Leaves and Magickal Earth.

As for my weaving, I knew I wasn't ready for a pretty scarf. I knew I had tension issues with the warp and serious uneven selvedge issues. But I was impatient and hadn't addressed my problems; I ignored that little voice and went ahead and did it anyway. So now I have a scarf on the loom with lopsided edges and I'm a bit unhappy with it.

So lesson learned. I'm going to finish it (pictures then because I can't seem to get any decent color ones on the loom) and see if it's any better off the loom (I'm not expecting it to be). And I'll be weaving a set of simple towels next. When I'm ready I'll do something else.

Finished sock picts later in the week.



Blogger Chris said...

Oh, how frustrating!!! Maybe it can be that project you come back to in two years and admire how far you've come.

11:10 AM  
Anonymous Jan from Guild said...

Mmm, too bad!

4:52 PM  

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