Sunday, June 30, 2013


I know, I'm not a regular poster, but I've been doing some interesting projects lately and I want to start keeping up with my blog again (we'll see how long that lasts).

Anyway, I haven't been knitting so much lately. I restarted the Forest Path Stole for about the fifth time over the last decade or so. I don't know why this particular shawl has eluded me, but the yarn has never been right or something. This time, I found the perfect yarn - Webs Valley Alpaca Silk in Forest - and was knitting right along. I got about halfway when I realized I'd screwed up the pick up starting at about the third tier. I know no one would probably ever realize it unless I pointed it out to them, but alas, the perfectionist streak in me knows that I would see it every time I look at it. So, it's been in time out for about a month while I decide whether to abandon it altogether or start all over.

Meanwhile, I have been weaving. I finished some lovely placemats for my mother for Mother's Day (late as usual, but she seemed pleased with them). I liked them so much that I made some for me in indigo blue (hers were natural). The placemats are done in Webs 3/2 cotton indigo blue from a huck lace placemat pattern in Handwoven. (I'd have to look up the issue.) They haven't been washed up yet, but I'll post a picture as soon as I have.

And I wove a sampler blanket. Here's a picture of the blanket on the loom:

It's woven in 5/2 cotton set at 20 wpi (I think). The warp is white with mauve rose stripes to separate the sections and the weft is indigo blue and mauve. The pattern is from the book Designing Woven Fabrics. It is now off the loom, but I still need to cut and resew. I'll give project notes when I finish it.

I also have some spinning to show, but I'll do that in another post. Hopefully, you won't have to wait another year :-)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The blanket is so pretty. I love my placemats. Mom

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

500 patterns, wow.

6:36 PM  

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