Sunday, March 02, 2008

Finished Frost Flowers and Leaves!

And here's my finished shawl (the silver thing at the bottom is a 12-inch ruler):

Here's the usual closeup:

The specs:
Pattern: Frost Flowers and Leaves from Gathering of Lace
Needle: Size 6
Yarn: Lane Borgeosesia Baruffa Cashwool; 2 skeins, so under 2920 yards, light blue
Size: about 70 inches by 70 inches (in other words, really, really big!)

I've wanted to do this shawl ever since I got the book Gathering of Lace. So, I've finally finished it. I started it at the end of October and finished yesterday, so it took about 4 months. It was a repetitive knit, but not so much that I could do it completely mindlessly. I did really have to pay attention to where I was. I love it as I usually do. I still need to sew in some ends which I should be able to do tonight at my weekly sit 'n' knit.