Tuesday, March 02, 2010

A Couple of Cool Links

Okay, part of the reason I don't knit so much lately is because I've found a couple of somewhat time consuming (yet educational) links.

The first of these is a language learning site called Live Mocha. This site has free basic courses in tons of languages. There are also "premium" courses which are actually quite reasonable, but I've enjoyed the free Italian 101 course very much and I'm about to start 102. Basically, it's set up much like one of those computer CD courses; you work through the lesson, review, and there are some extra practice exercises. But the bonus is that you can submit exercises, both written and recorded for review by native speakers of the language you're learning. In return, you are asked to review submissions for those learning your language. I've gotten lots of helpful reviews in learning Italian, both my spoken and written assignments. Occasionally, someone will record the passage that you did in their language so you can hear it spoken by a native; they'll also record words that you have trouble with. I think it's a nice way of learning the language and helping someone learn English.

The other site is one I just found called:
You can share what you read with friends and see reviews for books from other members.

*Sigh* So little time....