Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Obsession Continues

My tension is much better on the ribbing now. Now, I've moved on to obsessing about my selvedges. There's just no getting around it. Selvedges are ugly anyway, but mine need a little tension work.

I've also realized something else. Of all the knitting books I own (and I own quite a few), there is not a single general knitting reference book. Lots of pattern books, lots of stitch dictionaries, lots of sock books, lace books, etc. But nothing just for general reference. So I made a trip to the library to see which books I might need to add to my personal library:

I've found a lot of possibilities. Some of the books would actually be useful if I continue on to Levels II and III, but most of them are just to look through to see which ones I like. So far I've found that knitting books are quite heavy and that there are way more cast-ons than I never knew existed!



Blogger aija said...

Nice! I have that general knitting reference hole as well (except for finishing techniques, which I love). Good luck and I'd be interested in hearing which you like!

3:37 PM  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

I feel like I've abandoned my knitting books. I have so many its overwhelming. So I've decided to go through them, organize them, and get rid of a bunch. Sell them on Ebay or maybe check out the ravelry destashing group too.

I own several just reference books, but not sure which one I really like better.

11:32 AM  
Anonymous Jan from guild said...

Did you get Principles of Knitting (well, probably not, since I think it is a reference book)? That has probably the most cast-ons and bind-offs!

3:33 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

I love Montse Stanley's book Knitter's Handbook: A Comprehensive Guide to the Principles and Techniques of Handknitting - it has GREAT info in it. One of my favorites. Do you subscribe to the TECHKnitting blog? Lots of great info there, too - stuff that you don't find in most reference books.

8:22 PM  
Blogger Opal said...

my knitting library is obscene, but i have to admit that when i have a question i turn to google.

if i had to choose among my reference books though, i'd go for vogue knitting. i'm not sure what it's called exactly, but i've had it for over 10 years and i always turn to it.

3:22 PM  

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