Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Socks and swatches

I don't know if I've posted these socks that I started a while back.

They're Bex from Cookie A's book. Well, I discovered that they aren't exactly good social knitting a couple of weeks ago when I found that I'd somehow dropped a stitch and couldn't find it. I ended up frogging about half an inch, which for complicated cable socks is quite a bit. So, I started a nice simple stockinette pair using some Trekking that has been sitting around for a couple of years.

I love Trekking. Out of all the socks I've made, it's definitely the one I've used the most. The colorways are just plain amazing. I love the way the colors shift just a little bit. They make a pair of plain old stockinette socks something really beautiful and unique. And they've always had some really nice purples, always a bonus. (This one actually isn't a purple, though it seems to have a purplish cast in the photo. It's actually "wine twist" and is pretty accurate on the link.

Lastly, I'm on to obsessing about swatch #2.

See how some stitches lean. Ugh. Need to figure that one out. I think it has to do with the fact that whenever I start thinking about my tension, it quickly goes downhill. I'll try relaxing a bit and see if it helps. I'll show swatch #1 as soon as I get it blocked out.

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Blogger Chris said...

Oh, no, that sock does NOT look like good social knitting! Gorgeous, though - as is the Trekking sock. :)

8:40 AM  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

That is a gorgeous sock. But looks tedious too.

I've never used Trekking, every time I had some I ended up giving it away.

10:50 AM  
Blogger Opal said...

bex is gorgeous, but i can see how it would need just a bit of concentration. the trekking is equally lovely in its simplicity.

seeing your swatches is really fascinating. i have a really hard time controlling my tension when i think about it. if i'm not paying attention to what i'm doing i get much better results for some reason. :P

3:26 PM  

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