Monday, September 17, 2007

WIP Wednesday and Kristi's Color Meme

Ah, fall weather. It's finally sock weather. I wore my wool socks for the first time since it got too darn hot on Monday. I love my wool socks :-)

I've just picked up stitches for the gusset on my sock. Meanwhile, I'm trying to do at least ten rows a day on Hex Coat. It's getting to be the weather that would be perfect for it. But knit 1, purl 1 really grates on the nerves much more than plain old stockinette. And I've still got about 90 rows to the armhole decreases. Here's the back:

I figure just ten rows a day. If I do more, great. If not, at least I'm making progress. Otherwise, I've got to finish something and socks seem about right.

As a designer, Kristi has a few questions about color. So answer her meme and hop on over to her blog and let her know.

1. What is your current favorite color?
Mostly purple, any purple, but I seem to lean toward the really true purples or red-purple/burgundies. And pink-purples. I also have been known to like any of the pinks or cooler reds.
2. Had your favorite color changed over the years?
Definitely. It even changes with the years. Some years I find myself wearing more blues, some pink. Currently, I'm on a purple kick with some pinks and reds thrown in.
3. Is your current favorite color one that is currently trendy? (Do you see it in the fashion rags or on the clothes rack or in the linen aisle right now? How about 5 years ago?)
I have no idea. I really wear the colors I like regardless of trends.
4. What is your favorite color combination?
Purple or pink and black or purple and pink.
5. Is that combination a popular one? (Is it use in prints you see in the stores and catalogs and magazines now? How about 5 years ago?)
Again, no clue.
6. What is your favorite way of using color in your knitting? (Are you a stranded knitter? Do you prefer simple stripes? Do you prefer just accents at the hems/collars?)
I tend to choose a lot of the cooler colors for my shawls (okay, a lot of pink and purple, but also blues and turquoises). I love how colors play together and would like to do some more strandwork and stripes, but in the past, I've chosen mostly solid color shawls, sweaters, and tanks. For socks, I will go much brighter and wilder than I would for a sweater. (I'm wearing my wild Austermann socks right now.) I love self-striping sock yarn. And handpaints. And Trekking sock yarn; I love how the colors are never exactly the same.
7. What colors look good on you?
Blacks, greys, purples, pinks, and some blues.
8. What colors look bad on you?
Orange, most yellows, most warmer greens.
9. Do you wear colors that don’t look good on you just because you like them?
I guess I finally found that I lean toward colors that do look good on me. I denied I liked pink and purple for many years until I realized that my wardrobe was mostly either purple, pink, black or grey.
10. What is your favorite neutral color? black/white/ivory/tan/brown/gray – if brown or gray do you prefer cool or warm versions of those or does it matter? And, how dark?
Black, with grey a close second. Cooler is better for the grey and light or dark both.
11. Is there a sweater pattern that uses more than one color that you’d like to make, but you wish to change the colors from what is published? If yes, which one? What do you not like about the published colors?
I love the Fair Isle Cardigan from Veronik Avery's new book. I think she uses the right mix of colors and the sweater has an overall cooler feel with the colors she's chosen, so I wouldn't change anything in that, but I also want to do the Faeroese Sweater from the same book. I think I would change the colors in that. I'd keep the black and white and sub purple for the blue and a medium to bright pink for the tan. I actually do like the colors in the book, but just like purple better.

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Blogger Chris said...

Our cooler weather was brief - Monday it was mid-80s again.

9:08 AM  
Blogger Kristi aka Fiber Fool said...

Thanks for filling out the color meme! I'm find it *very* interesting now that I've seen many people fill it out :-)

Like Chris, our cooler weather has only been in one or two days stretches, but I have washed all my wool socks in prep!

11:47 AM  
Blogger Opal said...

I envy your cooler weather and I pray that we get some this year. Cool being a relative term when I speak about my locality. :-)

2:39 PM  
Anonymous Beth S. said...

Aw, you finished that enormous hexagon shawl (what is it with the hexagons?...) so this coat should be a walk in the park, stitch-count-wise. ;-)

1:09 PM  
Blogger Romi said...

Cool meme! And I love the yarn you're using right now. :)

11:36 PM  
Blogger kimberly said...

I love purple right now too. Cool meme.

2:47 PM  

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