Friday, September 16, 2005

The other day on her blog, Wendy asked how people keep many projects going at once. I liked the question because I am one of those that has to have many things going at once. I get easily bored and if you are doing a shawl (I do a lot of shawls), the pattern repeats often and since shawls are usually fairly big projects, it just gets boring to me after a while. So, I usually have a second shawl going so that I can switch to another pattern and feel challenged again. I also usually have a small project or two going so that I occasionally get a quick sense of accomplishment.

I went to my monthly knitting guild meeting on Monday and several people came over to me before the official "show and tell" to see what I had this month. They all know I always have something and this month I didn't disappoint. I had the Market Square Bag and Lace Dream. I honestly think they would be shocked if I didn't have something every month. They are all impressed and think that I am a super fast knitter and that I have tons of time on my hands. I am a pretty fast knitter, but I don't have tons of time. I do have blocks of time every week where I would just be sitting with nothing to do if not for knitting, but the true reason I always have a finished project is this short attention span. You think, "So how do you actually finish anything?" Well, I have so many projects in various stages of completion going at once that, in any given month, I'm very likely to finish at least one thing. Right now, if you're keeping track, I have no less than two shawls (Faux Russian and Madli), the Isis Wrap (I only need to finish the left front and sew it together, pictures to come very soon), the Mystery Christmas Project and various small projects. So it's not really a big secret as to how to finish lots of projects, just have lots going at once:)


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