Thursday, August 25, 2005

In case you can't tell, I love lace

I'm about 80 rows from finishing Lace Dream. Being so close to finishing I had to start another project when my new Shadow yarn came from Knitpicks yesterday. I got Vineyard and Jewels and they are both beautiful. The color is rich and has very subtle color variations. The yarn is just as soft as Alpaca Cloud and I think I like it even better. Vineyard is a beautiful reddish purple.

Here is the border of the Faux Russian Stole which I've begun. The yarn is working up beautifully.

The Jewels is a blue purple and the picture just does not do it justice.


Blogger Anne Owen said...

Hi! The beginnings of your Faux Russian Stole look great -- the yarn you've chosen is yummy! Looking forward to seeing your shawl progress... Anne, in Lawrence, KS

12:44 PM  

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