Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More on Miniatures

I had several curiosity questions about my miniature doll, so I thought I'd tell just a little more about her. I'm always happy to enable.

There are several books on making miniature dolls with polymer clay. The two I have are Making Miniature Dolls with Polymer Clay: How to Create and Dress Period Dolls in 1/12 Scale by Sue Heaser (who also has several polymer clay books on making miniature food and other accessories for the doll house) and 1/12 Scale Character Figures for the Dolls' House by James Carrington. Mr. Carrington makes very lifelike dolls and Ms. Heaser's are more pretty. I've been using techniques from both books. I want my dolls to have a realistically shaped face, but retain the pretty porcelain doll-like quality.

I used Fimo for Anna. (Thank you to Liz for her name.) I've also tried Premo which I usually like, but the Fimo was much easier to smooth out for the tiny details. Her head, body, upper arm, lower arm, upper leg and lower leg/foot were all made separately with holes in the pieces and "fired". (In case you've never worked with polymer clay before, it is actually hardened at around 250 degrees F. You can't even bake cookies at that temperature.) When she came out of the oven and cooled, I used acrylic paints (of a higher quality) to paint her eyes, eyebrows, and lips. I used pipe cleaners to assemble the doll (using the holes), then dressed her using Making & Dressing Dolls' House Dolls in 1/12 Scale by Sue Atkinson. This book has tons of patterns, most are Victorian era, but there are also a few Georgian, Regency and Edwardian patterns. The clothes actually have few hems, most raw edges are hidden with trim.

EDIT: I forgot to tell you about the hair. It's viscose from Doll Artist's Workshop. The owner has many beautiful colors. You basically just glue it on to the doll's head. To make ringlets, you twist the viscose around a DPN (gee, do you think I have a few of those laying around?) and wet it and let it dry before glueing to the head.

I think I've mentioned before I have way too many hobbies to take me away from my knitting. But knitting does remain my favorite; it's portable and I have something nice to wear. Tomorrow I'll post some picts of the works in progress just so you don't think I've been completely neglecting the knitting.


Blogger Liz said...

Oh wow! You were sucessful in your goal to retain a porcelain look to the hands (Since we didn't see the feet I can't weigh in there...) Even though I read that you used Fimo, I thought you meant just for the head! Very neat! How is that pretty cream colored sweater coming along? :)

11:10 AM  
Blogger Pugknits said...

so it is safe to bake p.clay in the oven? does it shrink a little or is it true to size?

1:17 PM  

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