Monday, December 19, 2005

Negative Knitting Day

Come on, we've all had the "Negative Knitting Day". It's where you pick up a project in progress and realize that you have to frog or tink several rows, then you might knit a bit more and realize you have to take that out as well, so you end up with an overall net loss for the day.

Yesterday was that kind of day. I'm now working on the foot to my mosaic socks; the foot is worked in stripes, two rounds of the handpainted and two rounds of the black. The jog is at the sole of the foot. For some reason, my jog didn't just not align up (which doesn't really bother me, especially as it was on the sole of the foot), but there was a tiny hole every time I changed colors. Now, little holes in the sole of the foot bother me. So I frogged a bit. Now every time I change colors, I knit two or three stitches with both colors. No hole. Of course, after I figure this out, I'm knitting happily along. Then I realize that about three rounds ago I had knit not two but three rounds of black. To be quite honest, I'm probably the only person who ever would have noticed it, but it would have bugged me to no end. I'm not a perfectionist by any means of the imagination, but this would have bugged me. So I tinked three more rounds.

Sweater update: The sweater pattern I am using is from a Rowan book, so of course, it uses a particular Rowan yarn called Rowan Denim. Of course, I'm not using the suggested yarn, so here we come to the problem. Rowan Denim is supposed to shrink lengthwise the first time it is washed, before the pieces are sewn together. The pattern is written with this in mind. Remember, I'm not using the suggested yarn. The actual length of the sweater is not a problem. I just knit to how long I thought it should be from bottom to the armhole without the shrinkage factor. The problem I think I might run into is the armhole length, so I've decided to do the sleeves before I finish the back and work on the fronts, so that I can adjust accordingly and not have to frog.

By the way, did I mention that the Color-Your-Own Wool of the Andes comes in skeins and I don't have a ball winder? That $35 doesn't seem so expensive right about now.


Blogger April Rescigno said...

I adore my ball winder (an early Christmas present from mom), but without the umbrella, I still get tangled up, especially near the end of a skein.

Maybe someone has an idea of an inexpensive 'umbrella'?

12:48 PM  
Anonymous cheryl said...

I've seen some rowan denim patterns that I like but I've never knit any of them for that very reason. I'm not crazy about the denim and I'm too lazy to do the math for a substitution.

2:09 PM  
Blogger Pugknits said...

the ball winder therapy :)

hope you feel better soon. last weekend was frog weekend for me, so there, you've got a companion. undid the bulky sweater yoke and the cuff/sleeve was successful after three tries.

*breath in*breath out* b.i.*b.o.*

3:47 PM  

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