Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wow, two whole months!

Wow, two whole months of not posting a single thing. That has to be a new record for me. I truly feel guilty for not updating the blog much sometimes, but I have so many competing interests right now, knitting just isn't always there. Maybe I need to expand the blog to include some of my other interests (they are many and varied). Most recently, my interests have included a renewed interest in languages (Latin, Ancient Greek and most recently, I've begun learning Italian; I hope to go to Italy someday), sewing, and pens.

I have been knitting here and there and maybe I'll get a picture of my slow progress on the East Meets West Bag. I've finished the front/back section and have begun the flap and have quickly discovered how much I despise intarsia, so it may take a while. Especially because after all the intarsia, there's the i-cord border, something else I loathe. I'd much rather do a complicated cable pattern than either intarsia or i-cord.

I've always had an interest in languages and have kept up with Latin here and there since college, but I've decided in recent months to study it more seriously as well as try and learn Ancient Greek. Latin, in my opinion, isn't all that difficult. It could be partly all the French I took in high school and college helping out. (I could never speak it very well, but at one time, I could read it pretty well.) I've also just begun studying Italian, and I'm finding it going pretty quickly. Again, that's probably because of all the French and Latin I've done. Now, Ancient Greek is definitely the hardest of the three. Since Italian pretty much descended from Latin, much of the structure and vocabulary are similar, but Greek is a bit different in many ways (aside from the alphabet).

Now, sewing will probably also show up at some point soon on the blog since it is actually fiber related. I do have a lining to do for a previously finished purse as well as the current one whenever I finish it, so that will be posted. Maybe...

Pens. Ah, my newest addiction. Not just any pens, mind you, but fountain pens. Yes, they do, in fact, still make fountain pens. They even still make lots and lots of fountain pen ink in all sorts of pretty colors. I've been sad about the lack of handwriting instruction in schools these days (along with other things, but we won't go there), so I've found my way into some pretty writing instruments and ink. I've also come across some vintage pens in need of repair. So, of course, I have a repair book on its way. Maybe I'll post some pen-related stuff as well.

I can't imagine why people tell me I have too many hobbies...

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Blogger Chris said...

I used to use fountain pens all the time! I used a blunt needled syringe (irrigation needle, probably) to refill the little plastic cartridges from an ink bottle.

Now I'm a big fan of gel pens, but only certain ones. It's kind of sad, because I don't do much writing anymore - I used to love collecting cards and paper for writing letters. I write so infrequently that my abysmal handwriting is getting even worse.

8:55 PM  
Blogger Opal said...

i've always wanted to study different languages but i've just never had the gumption. how i admire you for doing so!

can't wait to see what you've been sewing.

also, so good to see you posting. it's been too long! :)

8:50 PM  

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