Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Lacevember Meme

Did everyone vote today? I did and my kids went with me.

Here's the meme for Lacevember.

The knitting questions, or the usual suspects

How long have you been knitting? I've known how to knit since I was about 10, but I've only been really knitting for about 2 years.

How did you learn to knit? My aunt taught me on chopsticks, but I've learned a lot from books.

Favorite thing about knitting? The variety of patterns and the portability; being able to do something with my hands

How long have you been knitting lace? About 2 years

Favorite thing about knitting lace. The complexity of it. It really works the brain sometimes. And the beauty.

The yarn questions, or flash your stash

Favorite lace yarn? It changes. My current favorite is the Valley Alpaca Silk from Webs. It really is a nice yarn and you can't beat the price.

variegated or solids for shawls? Depends on the pattern. I love both.

Favorite lace color? It changes. Currently, I think my favorite is purple. I'm about to start two shawls – one the Hidcote in a lavender purple and a shawl from the new Victorian Lace book in a deep eggplant purple. I had just finished the Wool Peddlar in a bright purple.

Technique, or show us your skillz

Circs or straights? Circulars – easier on the wrists for me and can hold a lot of stitches.

Favorite lace knitting trick? The blocking. Definite magic there.

Lifelines? If so with what? I actually haven't used lifelines in a while. I used to use them religiously, but I've been brave lately (or just stupid).

Fancy blocking wires, or just sewing pins stuck in your carpet? I am a fancy blocking wires convert. I used to do the sewing pins in the carpet, but wires are so much quicker and easier!

Pattern, or can you follow directions

shawls or lacey items? Both

triangle, rectangle, or circular shawls? All of the above. I'm about to do my first circular

Charts or printed instructions? I can do either, but I'm a very visual person, so charts are preferred. I'll sometimes chart it out if the chart isn't given.

Favorite lace you've knit? So far, the Icarus

Favorite lace you want to knit? Hidcote and the hexagon version of the Spider's Web Shawl in the new Victorian Lace book.

Just Fun, yup that's right, just for fun

Favorite jelly belly flavor? Caramel Apple or Dr. Pepper

Tell me everything you know about Eric the Red..... He was a viking

Coke, classic or with lime? Coke classic, but I don't do sodas a whole lot anymore. Prefer hot tea.

Holiday carols, sing along, or wish they would be banned from all public airwaves? Banned except for one week prior to Christmas, then I would sing along and not be sick of them by the time Christmas actually rolls around.

What is the definition of irony? This post is the perfect definition of irony.

How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll pop? Never tried to find out

Why is my cat always puking in front of my son's bedroom door? Don't think I can answer that one

What is your superhero power? Being a mom

If the laundry is 9 foot by 11 foot (just dreaming, that's a big laundry room), and the walls are 8 feet tall, and you are going to tile the entire room in tiles that are 3 inches by 5 inches, what color should those tiles be? Rose pink

What's for dinner tonight? Chili

What is clogging my children's bathtub drain? Don't know, don't want to know


Anonymous Angel said...

Heh- I went out and voted. Its pouring rain here, and I practically got ambushed by various political election workers as I got out of my car, but I ran the gauntlet and voted... Its really the most important thing one can do as an American, regardless of who you vote for.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Rebekah said...

Okay what a great Meme. I absolutely loved the "Just for FUn" portion. As well as getting to know more about your knitting style.

10:58 AM  
Blogger Debi said...

Too funny! I wanna see your socks Ali!!

10:57 PM  
Anonymous Joni said...

Ah, your meme has me wanting to knit lace too! Now, can I figure out how to make it okay to make lace mittens? lol

9:46 AM  

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