Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The End of Socktoberfest

I seem to be ending Socktoberfest on the right foot so to speak. Or maybe both feet? I started the month off by finishing some socks and I'm ending the month with some finished socks.

Pattern: just a plain old stockinette
Yarn: Shade Garden from Lisa Souza. Pictures don't do it justice, of course. It really is aptly named since it reminds me of a garden in a forest with dappled sun.
Needles: Size 0 which are my favorite for socks.

Now, I need to find some lace to do. I haven't done much lace because I've been wanting to start Hidcote, but I don't have the yarn I want to use yet. But maybe I have something already in the stash for Mountain Peaks. I've got to find something because it is now almost

Since November is also my birthday month, I've treated myself to a few things. Now, I am on a yarn moratorium and I haven't broken that, but I did need a few things. I've ordered this book, for example. (Be sure and click on knitter's thumb-through.) And I got a couple more books yesterday. Believe it or not, I'd never seen the Rowan magazines up close. I've always thought they were a bit on the expensive side, but they truly are more like books than a magazine, aren't they? And a lot of pretty stuff. And the Adrienne Vittandini book is really great. Not that I could probably ever afford to actually use the originally intended yarn for any of the stuff or anything, but the designs are pretty and classic. Lots of cables and lacy cables. I also got a new ballwinder because my old one sucked. Who was the brilliant person who made a ballwinder with exposed gears?! Anyway, the new one has the gears all covered and can make a slightly bigger ball. The orange thing is actually a swift. It's interesting because I've never seen a metal one, but it seems to work pretty well. I played with it yesterday, so I think it will work. My inlaws brought me something cool for an early gift, too, but I'm not going to show that until I have a couple of details about it to share.

And I am so happy that the World Series is over. House, MD is back tonight! Happy Halloween!


Anonymous Cheryl said...

Happy (early) brithday! Looks like you've good some good presents for yourself already!

9:39 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

Happy early birthday!!

I have the same swift (only blue) and it works quite well.

Your Socktober socks are great! Thanks for the link to the new lace book.

10:09 AM  
Anonymous desiknitter said...

Hey, nice socks! And I have been eagerly awaiting Jane Sowerby's book, ever since i made one of her designs from Knitter's magazine, and am delighted that it's out! Some of those lace patterns are gorgeous, aren't they? Look forward to seeing what you make from it.

11:04 AM  
Blogger margene said...

It's good to treat yourself all during birthday months! Keep up the good work;-)

1:22 PM  
Blogger Debi said...

Love the new socks! Pretty colorway!

I <3 Adrienne Vittadini!! Her designs are stunning and she always includes fluffy sizing! The summer books are my fav!

Happy early birthday, ali!

4:51 PM  
Blogger JennyRaye said...

Happy early birthday!!!! Looks like you're starting the month off with some great purchases.

Congrats on the completion of socks in honor of Socktoberfest--I on the other hand knit not one stitch on a sock the entire month. Call me anti-Socktober. After seeing your socks, I am more convinced that I have to get some Lisa Souza sock yarn...and soon!

10:02 PM  
Blogger Opal said...

Hippo Early Bird Day! Your socks look great. I can't believe Socktober is over and done with today. I'm so happy House, MD is back tonight and that the Cardinals won the World Series.

I can't wait to see what you use for the Mountain Peaks. Lacevember is beginning to give me a mildly flirtatious look. Maybe my Shawl Mojo is comin' back!

10:28 PM  

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