Thursday, June 30, 2005

Never-ending shawl

Is it just me or do the last few rows of a project seem to take forever? I have only eight rows left on my Shaped Triangle. Doesn't sound like a lot, does it? So let me tell you this. Each row is now in excess of 450 stitches, so that's over 3600 stitches left on the body of the shawl alone. Of course, when the body is done, I still have the edging to do. The edging is knit in rows and attached at one side to the live 480 shawl stitches. Each of those edging rows is about 15 stiches, so take the 480 rows times 15 and that's 7200 edging stitches. It looked so much closer to being done before I just had to do the math and realized I still have over 10,000 stitches left. Why do I knit shawls again?

Have I mentioned that I'll be casting on soon for yet another shawl?


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